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Hevea Loop Cup

Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
Hevea Loop Cup
  • Brand: Hevea
  • Model: HEV800031
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Loop Cup is a new and innovative menstrual cup, designed by women for women. It is developed on the basis of various women's experiences and wishes for the ideal menstrual cup. The cup is made of natural rubber, which is a plant based, plastic free and biodegradable material. Natural rubber is very flexible and soft which makes it comfortable and healthy to use. You avoid dryness and hazardous chemicals in your abdomen. The unique design makes the cup easy to fold and insert and to remove again. The characteristic formed Loop stem ensures that you always have a good grip. When using Loop Cup you can have good conscience towards both the environment and your body!

The Loop Cup should be cleaned in hot / boiling water and must not be cleaned in a microwave or dishwasher. Before first usage, it is recommended to sterilise in boiling water for a couple of minutes. When not in use, it should be kept in a clean and dry place.


The size guide is only meant as recommendations.

  • Size 1 : For you who are a first-time user or teenager.
  • Size 2 : For you who have not given birth or who have given birth by caesarean.
  • Size 3 : For you who have given birth vaginally or have heavy flow.

Still not sure?

Try measuring your cervix to see which size is recommended for you.

Measuring your cervix

Why choose Loop Cup?

Reasons to choose Loop Cup Reasons to choose Loop Cup?

A gift for you

When you buy a Loop Cup, you'll find a unique and handmade storage pouch inside the box. Perfect for storing your Loop Cup on the go or when not in use. Every pouch is produced from upcycled organic cotton / linen and fits up to 3 cups.

Handmade by women for women.

Material Natural rubber
Colour Natural
Origin Malaysia
EAN (Size 1) 5710087426017 ; (Size 2) 5710087426116 ; (Size 3) 5710087426215
Packaging dimension 10.5 × 11 × 3.5 cm
Packaging weight 50 g
Package content 1 Hevea Loop Cup; 1 storage pouch

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