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Brand: Mininch
The smartest 'Pop-A-Point' design of Tool Pen. Rather than carrying many screwdrivers or a box full of bits, now you can flexibly collect and interchange all demanding bits like replacing refills of a pen. The bits will be compactly stacked within the barrel, and cycling them through is pretty fast ..
RM 247.40 RM 365.10
Brand: Mack's
The original Mack's Shooters Double-Up™ Ultimate Hearing Protection System consists of an ear muffs and 5 pairs soft foam ear plugs. Low profile and lightweight. Fully adjustable and foldable. Fits kids to adults. Super soft, padded ear cups and headband for maximum comfort. Includes 5 pair U..
RM 139.90 RM 213.40
Brand: Mininch
Mininch Tool Pen is a smart, elegant and versatile multi-tool. It's the world's first 'Pop-A-Point' innovative pen style solution. Functional and flexible! Lightweight, compact, portable, easy-to-use multi-tool. Tool Pen is housing by solid aluminum. The pen allows depositing 6 bits. Simply pul..
RM 192.30 RM 283.50
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