Natursutten Natural Rubber Nipples, 2 Pack, Slow Flow (0 Months Up)

Natursutten Natural Rubber Nipples, 2 Pack, Slow Flow (0 Months Up)

Nipples made from 100% natural rubber / latex the exact same material as used in the pacifier Natursutten pacifiers. The nipple has a small hole securing a slow flow. Fits most bottles with 'regular neck'. Recommended for all babies.

Rubber / latex nipples are much softer than silicone and more resistant to teething / bites. The softness feels more natural for babies.

The Natursutten nipple is produced in Italy alongside the Natursutten pacifier, in a family-run factory that's been manufacturing rubber baby-products for three generations. All components in compliance with all European regulations EN1400/14350 and CPSIA. Free of any harmful chemistry.

Instructions for use is in the packing.


  • 2 nipples for baby bottles, slow flow

Packaging is environmentally friendly and FSC certified.

MaterialNatural rubber latex
Age0 Months Up
Packaging dimension6.5 × 6.5 × 12 cm
Packaging weight30 g
Package contents2 slow flow nipples

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