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Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist

Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier, Jade Mist
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Soothe your little one naturally with the Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier

Made for comfort and safety, the Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier is crafted from pure, all-natural latex rubber sourced from Hevea Brasiliense trees. This pacifier is gentler on sensitive gums than silicone and features a unique butterfly-shaped shield that allows for easier breathing.

Designed for baby's wellbeing

  • Orthodontic nipple: Promotes healthy oral development with a flat bottom that reduces stress on baby's jaw and teeth.
  • One-piece design: Eliminates cracks and crevices where bacteria can hide, promoting hygiene.
  • Safe materials: Made from 100% natural rubber latex with minimal processing to remove potential allergens.
  • Soft and gentle: Provides a comfortable suckling experience without leaving marks on your baby's face.
  • Eco-friendly: Sustainable, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Stylish and gender neutral: Soft colors complement various outfits.
  • Hand-crafted in Italy: Meets the highest European safety standards.

Peace of mind for parents

Free from:

  • Allergy-causing substances
  • Artificial colors
  • Cancer-causing substances
  • Hormone-disturbing substances
  • Chemical softeners
  • Parabens, PVC, and phthalates

The Butterfly advantage

The innovative butterfly-shaped shield provides ample space for your baby's nose, allowing for comfortable and unrestricted breathing.

Safer choice with a one-piece design

Unlike traditional pacifiers with joints and crevices, Natursutten's one-piece design prevents dirt and bacteria buildup, ensuring a cleaner and safer pacifier for your little one.

Give your baby the comfort and natural soothing they deserve with the Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier.

Material Natural latex rubber
Color Jade Mist
Size Small / Medium
Suggested age (Small) 0–6 Months; (Medium) 6–12 Months
Origin Italy
UPC (Small) 850051197033; (Medium) 850051197040
Package content 1 × Natursutten Natural Rubber Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifier
Why should I buy a Natursutten pacifier?When you buy a Natursutten pacifier, you and your baby avoid: Allergy-causing substances; Artificial colours; Cancer-causing substances; Hormone-disturbing substances; Chemical softeners; Parabens, PVC, and phthalates. You also get a product made from 100% natural materials, better for the environment and for your baby. And because Natursutten is a one-piece pacifier, there are no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Standard pacifiers usually have a crevice where the nipple and shield come together that is difficult to keep clean. Other pacifiers even have an open access to the nipple that will gather a lot of dirt and bacteria. This is not the case with Natursutten pacifiers.
The shield touches my baby's nose! Why?The relatively large shield on Natursutten Original is designed to gently touch your baby’s nose and give her the same secure feeling she experiences during breastfeeding. For those who prefer another shape, Natursutten manufacture the Butterfly pacifier. This model leaves room for your baby's nose.
How to choose between the Original and Butterfly shield?The shield on the Original Natursutten pacifier is circular. By gently touching baby's nose, it simulates breastfeeding more closely. The Butterfly pacifier has a little cut-out that leaves more room for baby’s nose.
How to choose between the Orthodontic and Rounded nipple?The choice between Rounded or Orthodontic nipple is based on baby's preference and is difficult to predict. While some babies take both shapes, others are more choosy and needs to try both shapes in order to find the best match. Both nipple shapes are available with Original and Butterfly shields and in sizes S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months) and L (12 months and above).
How to choose the right size?All Natursutten pacifiers are available in three guiding sizes: S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months) and L (12 months and above). The age ranges are guides only. Some babies prefer a larger and some a smaller nipple.
How do I treat the pacifier?Before the first use, just sterilise by immersing the pacifier in boiling water for five minutes. Make sure the pacifier doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot. Afterwards, just clean on a daily basis, by washing it in mild liquid soap under running water — if it needs an extra thorough clean place it in a strainer and sterilise it by pouring boiling water over it. But don’t boil it again and never leave it to cool down in boiling water. Because the pacifiers are made from natural rubber, they are not dishwasher-safe. And we don’t recommend the use of sterilisers.
What is the lifespan of a Natursutten pacifier?Natursutten must be replaced every 6 – 8 weeks. It's important to inspect the pacifier carefully before each use and throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. The pacifier will get darker and somewhat sticky if you use it for too long. Should the pacifier shows signs of deterioration (peeling) it must be replaced immediately.
Is Natursutten made from sustainable material?Yes! And this is very important for Natursutten. Natursutten pacifiers are made from 100% pure natural rubber sap (latex) from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. Their supplier of pure natural rubber sap is a proud member of the Malaysian Rubber Board, and through them Natursutten contribute to create a sustainable industry by replanting rubber trees and invest in research & development towards sustaining the viability of the rubber industry in Malaysia.
Where are Natursutten pacifiers made?Natursutten products are all made at a family-run facility in Italy. All Natursutten products are designed and tested by ConsumerLab in Denmark and comply with strict European standards.
My baby has a latex allergy. Can she use the Natursutten pacifier?Yes, and no. The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber sap used for Natursutten pacifiers. This means that there is no risk of provoking a latex allergy when using them. That said, we would never recommend using a product made from natural rubber for a child with a diagnosed latex allergy.
My pacifier has a 'whitish' layer. What is that?When caring for your Natursutten pacifier it's important to remove it from the boiling water after initial sterilising. And not to boil it again! The 'whitish' layer on the surface is scale from your water that attach to the pacifier. It's harmless but makes the pacifier look dull. It will disappear again after a few washes under running water and with the use of a mild liquid soap.
What is the right colour for a new Natursutten pacifier?A Natursutten pacifier is made from organic material and as such it will look different from harvest to harvest. Just like no two apples are identical. Sometimes they are light yellow, sometimes dark amber. Sometimes transparent and sometimes more milky. It's all perfectly normal and intended. Natursutten don't add chemicals to make them look the same.
Why does my pacifier get darker with use?A Natursutten pacifier will get darker over time, because its 100% natural rubber contains no chemicals or anti-oxidants to keep it light orange. This is perfectly natural and to be expected.
I have been leaving our pacifier in boiling water to cool — what effect does this have?The only thing that happens, if you leave the pacifier to cool down in the boiling water is that scale from your water will attach to the pacifier and making it look dull. It's harmless and it will disappear again, but it looks dull. Another thing; don't boil the pacifier again after initial sterilising. It will age and become sticky too quickly if you do. In daily care just wash it under running water and use a mild liquid soap. If it needs an extra thorough rinse place it in a strainer and pour boiling water over it.
Did you change anything to the design? The new pacifier I bought is smaller than the one we have already?Nothing has changed. But the thing is; with 'heavy' use, the Natursutten nipple will expand. If a size S pacifier has used for too long or too heavily it will expand and be larger than a new size S (but smaller than a new size M). We always recommend using at least two pacifiers at once and alternating them. Leaving them to dry out between uses. And remember that a Natursutten pacifier must be replaced every 6-8 weeks. Natursutten is a completely natural product and does not contain the same levels of stabilising chemicals that conventional pacifiers do, which has the disadvantage that they are less resistant and won't last forever like conventional pacifiers. There are some pro's and con's to everything, and this is one of the things we have to deal with when manufacturing a 100% natural product and have the overall strict rule that making them completely free from potentially harmful chemicals.
Is it safe?All Natursutten pacifiers are EN 1400-certified, which means the product complies with the European Union (EU) directive for this product area—in terms of safety, health and environment. They are continuously tested by ConsumerLab, an independent, distinguished laboratory in Denmark. The products are also tested in the U.S. and comply with all standards established by the CPSIA. In Australia where they comply with Australian and New Zealand standards, and towards strict Japanese standards too.


  • Inspect carefully before each use. Pull the soother in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.
  • Only use dedicated soother holders tested to EN 12586. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, your child may be strangled by them.
  • Do not leave a soother in direct sunlight or near a source of heat, or leave in disinfectant (sterilising solution), as this may weaken the teat.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Before first use, sterilise by immersing the pacifier in boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove from the water and allow to cool.
  • Clean before each use with warm water or mild liquid soap.
  • Never wash the pacifier in the dishwasher or in a microwave oven.
  • Pacifier should be stored in a dark and cool place, when not in use.
  • Replace the pacifier between 6 to weeks of use, for safety and hygiene reason. There is no health risk linked to extended use, but over time natural rubber will turn darker and sticky by nature.


  • Never dip the teat in sweet substances or medication, your child may get tooth decay.
  • In the event that the pacifier becomes lodged in the mouth, do not panic, it cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Simply remove from the mouth with care. Remove from the mouth with care, as gently as possible.

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