Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleep Mask with Soft Foam Earplugs

The original Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleep Mask with 1 pair of Soft Foam Earplugs. Imported from U.S.A.

  • Features dual elastic straps with adjustable tensioners for optimum performance and comfort.
  • Comfortable, contoured, and cushioned.
  • Smooth, non-irritating black satin.
  • One size fits all.
  • Padded nose bridge helps keep light out and prevents sleep mask from pressing against eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Sleep aid kit includes 1 pair of Mack's Soft Foam Earplugs and storage pouch.

Great for

Travel, daytime sleep, meditation, recovery, etc.

Material Sleep mask : Satin ;Earplugs : Urethane foam
Color Black
Origin Sleep mask : China ;Earplugs : USA
UPC 033732000703
Packaging dimension 10.5 × 3.5 × 15.5 cm
Packaging weight 50 g
Package contents 1 sleep mask; 1 storage pouch; 1 pair of foam earplugs

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Sleep Mask

Directions for use

Adjust the tensioners on the dual elastic straps to achieve optimal performance and comfort level.


Directions for use

  1. With clean hands, hold earplug between thumb and forefinger. Roll and progressively compress the entire tapered end of the earplug to a small wrinkle-free cylinder.
  2. To ensure fitting, reach hand over head and gently pull ear upward and outward.
  3. Insert compressed, tapered end of earplug well inside ear canal. Hold 30 - 60 seconds until earplug expands. Release, then push in again for 5 seconds to ensure fit.
  4. Remove earplug slowly. Use a gentle twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Rapid removal may damage eardrum.

Discard after several uses or as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on earplugs.

User fit check

In a noisy environment with earplugs inserted, cup hands over both ears and release. If the earplugs are inserted correctly, you should not notice a significant difference in attenuation. If a proper fit has not been obtained, move to a quiet area and repeat fitting instructions.


  • Remove earplug slowly with twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Rapid removal may damage eardrum.
  • Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.
  • Keep away from infants and small children. These earplugs are non-toxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death.
Is the sleep mask adjustable?Yes. The dual elastic straps on the sleep mask have adjustable tensioners that allow the user to achieve the optimal performance and comfort level.
What are the sleep masks made of?The sleep masks are made of a smooth, non-irritating, satin-like material called sateen. The material is black in color.
Will the sleep mask block out all of the light?Yes. If adjusted and worn according to the directions, the sleep mask will (for most people) stop the transmission of all light.
Is the sleep mask washable?The sleep mask may be gently wiped down with a damp rag. More aggressive cleaning or washing could compromise their integrity. Allow the sleep mask to air dry.
  • Brand: Mack's
  • Product Code: MAC0070
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  • RM 45.90

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