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Brand: Corkor
Elevate your workspace with the sustainable and stylish Corkor Vegan Cork Mouse Pad Bring a touch of nature to your desk with the Corkor Vegan Cork Mouse Pad. Handcrafted from genuine, ethically sourced cork in Portugal, this eco-friendly mouse pad offers a unique and elegant aesthetic that compl..
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Never lose your essentials again! This durable and portable aluminum carrying case is the perfect companion for any adventure. Compact and lightweight, it easily fits in your pocket, backpack, or attaches to your belt loop. The anodized aluminum construction ensures superior durability and water re..
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Brand: Mininch
The smartest 'Pop-A-Point' design of Tool Pen. Rather than carrying many screwdrivers or a box full of bits, now you can flexibly collect and interchange all demanding bits like replacing refills of a pen. The bits will be compactly stacked within the barrel, and cycling them through is pretty fast ..
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Brand: Hevea
Made from 100% up-cycled rubber – a renewable plant-based material, acting against climate changes. Plastic-free, vegan & non-toxic. Soft and gentle with a no risk of slipping on either side — have 299 suction cups. Highly hygienic and easy to rinse after use. FDA approved and mineral based ..
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Brand: Mininch
Mininch Tool Pen is a smart, elegant and versatile multi-tool. It's the world's first 'Pop-A-Point' innovative pen style solution. Functional and flexible! Lightweight, compact, portable, easy-to-use multi-tool. Tool Pen is housing by solid aluminium. The pen allows depositing 6 bits. Simply pu..
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