Hevea Natural Rubber Panda Teether

Hevea Natural Rubber Panda Teether

Award winning Hevea Natural Rubber Panda Teether, no hole no mold design, plastic-free.

The multiple Award winning HEVEA Panda Teether is made of 100% Pure Natural Rubber and is completely free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, plastic and artificial colours. Unlike most other teethers, its one-piece design prevents mold and bacteria from accumulating in cracks and holes making it highly hygienical. Easy to clean, just sterilize in boiling water or suitable sterilizing machine. The malleable and soft rubber encourages baby's natural gnawing action and the gentle textured surface is ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums, while extremely durable. The cute Panda is easy to fall in love with, and even easier to grab and hold to for tiny hands.

Complies with the EU safety standard EN71, US ASTM, AS/NZ ISO and Canada Consumer Product Safety.

  • 100% pure natural rubber teether.
  • The malleable rubber encourages baby's natural gnawing action.
  • Free from phthalates, colours, PVC & EVAtane, silicone & BPA.
  • The gentle textured surface for soothing and massaging irritated gums.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Hygienic, one-piece design prevents bacteria accumulating in cracks and joints.
  • Packaging is made from FSC certified paper.
  • 10 cm tall.
MaterialNatural rubber latex
Package contents1 natural rubber teether
Packaging dimension10 × 2.5 × 16 cm
Packaging weight55 g

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The teether is oily. Can you please tell me what that oil comes from? And how do I get it off?
The oil is made from vegetables and is harmless. We added it for the products not to dry out. You need to sterilize the teether before use, as stated in the instructions and with the Panda, you can just do it with plain boiling water. Dry it off and it is ready for use.
Our Panda Teether is quite sticky. Why?
It has been used for long or maintained incorrectly, it might start to degrade. You should stop using it if it is starting to break but otherwise it is safe to use.
How can I clean the Panda Teether and can I boil it?
You can boil the Panda teether to sterilize or use a machine specially made for sterilization. It should NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher or microwave. The teether should be kept in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat in order to last longer. Due to natural rubber being an all natural material it can darken in colour over time. If there are splits or changes in the teether, it should be discarded. Very few children are allergic to natural rubber, however watch out for any allergic reactions, and stop any use if an allergic reaction should occur because of using the teether.
Is the Hevea Panda freezer friendly?
We don't recommend to freeze the Panda teether or any teether as it is far too cold for baby's mouth. You can put it in the fridge to make it cooler.
Why does my teether darken in colour as time goes by?
Hevea Panda teether is made from 100% raw natural rubber which isn't conserved or added antioxidants to keep it light yellow. Natural rubber is a natural material that changes over time.
Are there any baddies in your products?
Hevea's products are all tested to prove that they meet EU standard EN1400, US regulations CPSIA and AUS regulation AS 2432-1991. We are continuously testing our products, and can reassure you that there is no reason to be worried. We have very good results in all tests. We work with an independent research agency, SGS, one of the world's leading company for testing and analysis.
Do Hevea teethers comply to the safety standards and are they tested?
Yes. Hevea teethers are tested by independent laboratories to prove compliance with the CE & EN71 safety standard.
Can my child get a latex allergic reaction from your natural rubber products?

It is highly unlikely; however, protein is a naturally occurring element in latex from the rubber tree which actually helps to preserve the rubber in a liquid state allowing us to work with it. During the production process, much of the latex protein is leeched out, resulting in very low levels in the finished item. No allergic reaction to any Hevea product has yet been reported, but we urge parents to be aware of the unlikely potential for a latex allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to latex vary considerably. If you are aware of any family history of latex allergy or if you notice any symptoms in your child that cause you concern or if your child has had a previous reaction to any other rubber products then we suggest you stop the use of your Hevea product without delay and visit your medical practitioner. Identifying early symptoms may prevent more serious effects. The rubber industry as a whole is constantly looking at ways to reduce the potential for allergic reaction and we actively support our suppliers in this initiative. Allergic reactions to latex are not normally dangerous, but symptoms of it can include:

  • Itchy, red or watery eyes
  • Sneezing or a runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Rash or hives
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath
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